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Princeton Family Institute (PFI) wishes everyone good health and safety, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We will continue to provide psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, and families by using Teletherapy and Online Therapy. The psychotherapists at PFI will be working remotely using HIPAA approved Teletherapy platforms that ensure adherence to the principles of confidentiality. Princeton Family Institute is now a "hybrid practice": Clients may be seen in person or via Teletherapy/Online Therapy. Please, state your preference when making your appointment!

What is Princeton Family Institute?

Founded in 1982, Princeton Family Institute consists of a group of experienced clinicians who are devoted to psychotherapy with couples, families and individuals. Our approach is collaborative, culturally sensitive and humble, and justice oriented. People experiencing themselves to be at the margins of society because of their racial, gender related, religious, or sexual identities are welcome at Princeton Family Institute.

Clinical Members of the Princeton Family Institute Practice

Senior Clinicians
A Senior Clinician at Princeton Family Institute is either a Masters or Doctoral level licensed Psychologist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Each has more than 20 years’ experience conducting psychotherapy with individuals, families, couples and/or groups in private practice, schools, psychiatric hospitals, drug programs and other settings. All have extensive post-graduate clinical training in Couples and Family Therapy and in psychotherapy, in general, and can provide clinical consultation to health, educational, and mental health organizations.

They have published in the field, have been teachers of family therapy in graduate and post-graduate academic or clinical settings, in various parts of the United States and for most, abroad. Languages spoken are English, Spanish, and German, and some Yiddish. All are committed to honoring diversity related to ethnicity, religion, racial identity, sexual orientation, gender identity and physical abilities. All Social Workers are approved supervisors by the New Jersey National Association of Social Workers.

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Associate Clinicians
Associate Clinicians are experienced counselors who have been members of the practice for less than five years. All have terminal degrees in either Social Work or Psychology. They are licensed and have at least five years counseling experience in their field working with children, adolescents, adults and families. Associate Clinicians are qualified therapists who may be working toward the highest level of licensure in New Jersey. As such, they work under the clinical direction of a senior clinician who also provides advanced family therapy training. All are committed to honoring diversity related to ethnicity, religion, racial identity, sexual orientation, gender identity and physical abilities.

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Our Guiding Philosophy

We listen to people’s inner experience and traumatic occurrences, but we also emphasize the significance of people´s network of personal relationships and social contexts. We call, therefore, our therapy services "Relationship-oriented and Context-sensitive Therapy" for individuals, couples, and families.

Whenever we see children, adolescents, or young adults we bring in the strengths and resources of their families by convening meetings with all family members or with the parents. Family conversations create the energy for healing and change.

Equally, what may appear to be one spouse´s issues reveal themselves to the relationship-focused perspective as expressions of a deeply conflicted or traumatized couple´s relationship. The enormous diversity of couple or family forms prompts us to pay attention to the socio-economic, cultural, and gender-related uniqueness of the people who come to consult with us.

Besides Psychotherapy for Couples, Families, and Individuals We Provide

  • Collaboration with schools and medical groups, especially with pediatric and primary care teams, and integration of psychotherapy into medical treatment, especially in cases of chronic illness.
  • Support and advocacy for newly immigrated families.
  • Services to families with a relative in prison or in the process of re-entering into the community.
  • Evaluation in complex divorce or custody cases.
  • Professional training to clinics, schools, and mental health agencies.
  • Supervision and consultation to professional colleagues.
  • Organizational consultation to agencies in the public and private sector.

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