What is Princeton Family Institute?

Founded in 1982, Princeton Family Institute consists of a group of experienced clinicians who are devoted to psychotherapy with couples, families and individuals. Our approach is collaborative, culturally sensitive and humble, and justice oriented. People experiencing themselves to be at the margins of society because of their racial, gender related, religious, or sexual identities are welcome at Princeton Family Institute.

Our guiding philosophy:

We listen to people´s inner experience and traumatic occurrences, but we also emphasize the significance of people´s network of personal relationships and social contexts.

Whenever we see children, adolescents, or young adults we bring in the strengths and resources of their families by convening meetings with all family members or with the parents. Family conversations create the energy for healing and change.

Equally, what may appear to be one spouse´s issues reveal themselves to the relationship-focused perspective as expressions of a deeply conflicted or traumatized couple´s relationship. The enormous diversity of couple or family forms prompts us to pay attention to the socio-economic, cultural, and gender-related uniqueness of the people who come to consult with us.

Besides psychotherapy for couples, families, and individuals we provide:

  • Collaboration with schools and medical groups, especially with pediatric and primary care teams, and integration of psychotherapy into medical treatment, especially in cases of chronic illness.
  • Support and advocacy for newly immigrated families.
  • Services to families with a relative in prison or in the process of re-entering into the community.
  • Evaluation in complex divorce or custody cases.
  • Professional training to clinics, schools, and mental health agencies.
  • Supervision and consultation to professional colleagues.
  • Organizational consultation to agencies in the public and private sector.

Latest Article by Norbert A. Wetzel

  • Welcoming Communities How to Help Families Feel Safe in an Unsafe World: Suggestions for Parents, Teachers, and Community Leaders

         At a time when numerous immigrant residents of our communities feel unwelcome or under siege by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency and in great fear that a family member may be removed from the US or when they struggle with the trauma experienced already during their immigration journey, the crucial question for us as a welcoming community is:

    How are we to act as therapists, teachers, neighbors, caregivers, or, above all, as parents of children who feel unsafe, or as leaders responsible for civil or religious communities that look to us for reassurance?

  • Serving Central New Jersey counties:

    • Mercer
    • Hunterdon
    • Somerset
    • Middlesex
    • Monmouth

    And surrounding counties and cities:

    • Princeton
    • Trenton
    • Lawrenceville
    • Kingston
    • Princeton Junction
    • Ewing
    • East and West Windsor
    • Hopewell
    • Hamilton
    • Lambertville
    • Bridgewater
    • Somerville
    • New Brunswick
    • Highland Park
    • Plainfield
    • Burlington
    • Bucks County, PA