HEAT – I can still see the flames bursting from the houses that had been hit by the bombers in Berlin towards the end of World War II. Very scary to the little…

Some Brief Comments on Child Custody and Visitation issues from the Perspective of “Relationship-oriented and Context-sensitive Family Therapy”

The following comments are rather “Meta-comments” that hopefully suggest for parents some useful frames of thinking about Child Custody and Visitation issues. They come from my years of therapeutic work with couples and families. I am not suggesting specific “solutions” how the Child Custody and Visitation…

The Impact of the Trump Administration on Families in the United States. By Jay L. Lebow*

This Editorial in the September issue of the classic family therapy journal "Family Process" by Jay L. Lebow summarizes the current situation of many families in the US. The members of Princeton Family Institute present this thought provoking text to our website readers for study and conversation.

Welcoming Communities How to Help Families Feel Safe in an Unsafe World: Suggestions for Parents, Teachers, and Community Leaders

At a time when numerous immigrant residents of our communities feel unwelcome or under siege by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency and in great fear that a family member may be removed from the US or when they struggle with the trauma experienced already during their immigration journey, the crucial question for us as a welcoming community is:

How are we to act as therapists, teachers, neighbors, caregivers, or, above all, as parents of children who feel unsafe, or as leaders responsible for civil or religious communities that look to us for reassurance?