Many reasons may prompt a family to request a Therapeutic Family Reunion

  • Family members may have become estranged and unable to reconnect in a meaningful and constructive way.
  • Family issues may have dominated their interactions and invariably resulted in disappointment and hurt feelings.
  • Grieving together over a dramatic loss or dealing with age-old family conflicts or just wanting to enrich relationships.

A Therapeutic Family Reunion can be conducted in a variety of formats

  • One meeting for several hours, for a full day or weekend, depending on travel distances involved.
  • A series of meetings over time scheduled at periodic intervals to meet to accommodate to geographic limitations.
  • The number of participants can range from two-person sibling or parent-child reunions to an entire extended family.
  • If not on our premises, the meetings can be convened at other locations.  Our staff can help organize your Therapeutic Family Reunion plans.