Family therapy draws on the combined cognitive, relational, and emotional resources of the whole family

The objectives of psychotherapy involving the family are:

  • To discover and enhance the hidden strengths of all members of the family during transitions in the family life cycle (i.e. from adolescence to adulthood, old age).
  • To assist the family or an individual family member to regain agency over their lives and heal relational trauma.
  • To restore relationships, individual well-being and emotional communication among family members.
  • To assist the process of reconciliation or recovery when a family faces conflict, chronic illness, or death.
  • To improve communication and/or heal old wounds in families of adults.

Family therapy is an approach that has been proven effective for the treatment of many individual issues and challenges

  • A child with developmental or school issues.
  • An adolescent or young adult with behavioral, emotional, or substance abuse difficulties, who is isolated or acts psychotic.
  • An adult family member with a medical illness or addiction.

Family therapy can expand the benefits achieved in other therapies. There is no form of therapy that can take the place of working out issues directly with the people to whom you are closest.