Norbert A. Wetzel Norbert A. Wetzel, Th.D., is a New Jersey licensed psychologist (# 35 SI 00263700). Together with Hinda Winawer he established Princeton Family Institute in 1982.

From 1980 – 1991 Norbert taught Couples and Family Therapy at Rutgers’ Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. In 2017 he taught a course there again titled "Therapy with People in Marginalized Communities". This course was based on more than 20 years of work and training of counselors at NJ inner-city schools as director of training at The Center for Family, Community, and Social Justice, Inc.

The relational dynamics of couples and families are Norbert’s main therapeutic focus. Even when he worked with individuals his practice was aptly called "Relationship-oriented and Context-sensitive Therapy" because people's relationships and life contexts are always part of his therapeutic perspective. 

Norbert’s work is characterized by a strong overall commitment to social justice with special focus on racially constructed diversity and on culture, gender, social class and intergenerational experiences in families. 

In recent years, Norbert was exploring the integration of family systems therapy and medical health care. He has taught seminars in engaging families in primary care and in looking at the «Social Determinants of Health» as part of comprehensive medical care for chronically ill patients. He also became involved in the assessment and reentry process of prison inmates.