Sharon Campbell, MAPMSharon Campbell, MAPM, has been the part-time Office Administrator for Princeton Family Institute since February 2019. Sharon says that while this her “retirement job” it helps her to continue to find fulfillment in life.

Sharon’s professional careers include computer programming, college recruiting, affirmative action programs, community organizing, operations administration, non-profit agency management. While pursuing these careers, Sharon volunteered with several community organizations whose missions involved improving the quality of life for people who have been disenfranchised.

Sharon’s personal goals included the pursuit of religious studies. At the age 58 Sharon enrolled in a graduate degree program to earn a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry. When asked why she would take this on at her age, her response was, “Although I will be 64 when I finish the program, I plan to reach age 64 so I might as well do this along the way.” Sharon tells this story as a way to encourage people to not give up on their dreams and goals, no matter what obstacles or messages that might tell them otherwise.

As a Presbyterian Christian, Sharon firmly believes in the goodness of all people. She understands that “hurt people hurt people.” There are many forms of oppression that prevent people from treating themselves and others well; and, that people can heal from the effects of having been hurt.

Supporting the team of therapists at Princeton Family Institute is one of the ways that Sharon supports people in being restored to good mental health.

Phone: 609-921-2551